October 27, 2022 by HQ Pools

Fall is here and so are countless leaves! Are you noticing more and more ending up in your pool? As autumn continues, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to fish them out. However, there are a few simple things you can do to keep them from getting into your pool in the first place.

Keep reading for some easy and affordable solutions that will help keep leaves out of your pool this Fall!


Pool covers are a very effective way to keep leaves and other debris from getting into your pool. There are a few different kinds of nets that you can use.

Mesh pool covers prevent leaves and debris from entire the pool while still allowing rainwater to seep through. This prevents water from collecting on top and makes cleaning the covers a bit easier.

Leaf net covers, as the name suggests, will keep the leaves out and makes it easy to haul the leaves away before swimming. This kind of net is also great to use along with a solid cover if you find it getting covered with leaves.


Look around your yard and determine if any of your plants are the cause of an excess amount of leaves and debris entering your pool. If you have small bushes, plants, or trees near your pool consider moving them. Keeping a good distance between your landscaping plants and your pool can help a lot. Many potted plants with leaves or flower petals tend to shed.


In cases where you cannot prevent the leaves from getting in, hiring a cleaning service will keep your pool clear with no hassle for you!

HQ Pools offers weekly pool cleaning services to the Central New Jersey area. During a clearing session, we provide vacuuming, chemical level testing, filter and skimmer basket emptying, and chemical-adding services.

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