May 23, 2022 by HQ Pools

It’s time to jump back in the pool for the summer, and High Quality H2O is here to help you open it up so you can safely enjoy it all summer long. We offer professional pool opening
services to Monmouth County residents, so we know a thing or two about doing it the right way.


Before you take the cover off, survey the area around the pool for any debris that can be easily swept away. Trim any overgrown hedges or bushes around the pool to prevent them from falling into the water, inspect the deck for damage and wear, and repair any handrails, slides, diving boards, or ladders so that they are safe to use.


Before removing the cover, you’ll have to chemically balance your pool to make sure it’s safe to swim in. HQ Pools suggests having the following chemicals on hand to do this properly:

A good test kit or test strips for checking your pool's water chemistry

Chlorine for daily sanitizing

Shock treatment

Chemicals for properly adjusting your pool's water balance

Algaecide treatment

Filter cleaner or other necessary problem prevention products


During the offseason, your cover accumulates dirty water that will offset all the hard work you did up to the point if it gets into your pool. Before removing the cover, use a pool cover pump to remove as much water as possible. Once you take it off, hose the cover down well, preferably with a specially formulated cleaner for pool covers. Allow it to dry then fold it up and put it into storage.


Now that your pool cover is removed, it’s time to inspect everything underneath it. This includes the filter and pump, which are essential to a functional pool and need to be in perfect working condition for your pool to thrive. If there are any parts worn or damaged, replace them immediately.

Also take the time to check your pool liner. These can tear over time, which causes your pool to leak. Extreme temperatures in the winter can make pool liners brittle and cause them to crack. If you need your pool liner replaced, High Quality H2O offers pool liner replacement services.

Additionally, remove any calcium build up and stains with the proper pool scale removal product.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about any of this when you contact the pool professionals at High Quality H2O. Have us open your pool for you!

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