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Algae is an unwelcome sight for any pool owner. Getting rid of it isn’t overly difficult, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. You should be taking all the necessary steps to prevent algae growth in the first place to avoid having to waste more of your time cleaning it up.


With regular pool maintenance, algae buildup is an easily preventable condition.

Test and balance your pool water once per week. If your pool experiences particularly heavy usage one week, test a few times in the days after.

If your pool is used frequently, shock it once per week.

Clean or backwash your filter regularly.

Run your pump 8-12 hours per day.

Ensure the phosphate levels in your pool are below 100 ppb.


If you’re going through a bout of algae, head down to your local pool supply store and pick up the following if you don’t already have it:

Water Test Kit


Cal-hypo Pool Shock

Water Clarifier

Pool Brush


Just follow these steps for removing algae from your pool and you’ll be ready to start swimming in no time! You can usually tell how difficult it will be to remove algae based on the color. The darker green it is, the more it has established itself and will be more difficult to get rid of.

Clean or backwash your filter: Before you add any chemicals, your filter should be free of any debris or buildup.

Run Your Pump: Your pump should be running for about 2 days during the algae treatment process.

Balance Water: Prep your pool water for the strong chemicals it’s about to receive by balancing it. Your pH should be around 7.8, total alkalinity at 80-100 ppm, and cyanuric acid at 25-75 ppm.

Brush Your Pool: This is a vital step that cannot be forgotten. Brushing the walls of your pool loosens up any algae that have rooted there, making it more susceptible to algaecide and shock.

Add Algaecide: Depending on the type of algae (green, yellow, or black), add the proper type evenly around the perimeter of the pool. Add a bit extra to the areas that are heavily affected.

Shock Your Pool: Using cal-hypo, shock your pool. Usually, you will have to shock your pool 2-3 times to completely get rid of the algae. You should be waiting 12 hours in between shock treatments.

Test Your Pool Water: Your pH levels will almost certainly be off after a shock treatment, so test your water again to see what you need to add to balance the water again.

Clean or backwash your filter: Now that the algae is out of your pool and in your filter, it’s important to backwash it to flush any remaining algae particles out of the system completely.

Vacuum: If your pool is cloudy after the algae treatment, it’s possible there are still dead algae particles. Vacuum your pool to waste and add clarifier if necessary.

Don’t let the invasive algae ruin your summer. Follow the above steps, or simply let the pool professionals at High Quality H2O Pool Service take care of it for you!

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