OCTOBER 26, 2022 by HQ Pools

Winter is fast approaching and with it, freezing temperatures. It’s important to protect your pool equipment from the cold. Unwinterized pool equipment can lead to expensive repairs. Avoid the hassle of replacing/fixing frozen equipment by preventing it in the first place.

Preparing a pool for Winter is a big job that’s why we offer excellent pool closing services in Monmouth County for anyone who wants the help of experts.

If you do end up winterizing yourself however these tips will help!


1. You will want to make sure the main pool pump is running continuously when the temperature is below freezing. Installing a freeze-protection device would automatically do this! The device would turn on the pump when the temperature drops to around 34 degrees and keep it on until the temperature rises.

2. Ensure you maintain the water level. If the water level gets really low, your skimmers will become dry and affect the pump. No water movement will lead to the equipment freezing.

3. Clean and remove debris from your pool! Your skimmers and main drain can get blocked by leaves and other debris. If this happens, the pump will not work properly and could freeze. Also, be sure to clean your skimmer baskets throughout the Winter as needed.

4. Remove your drain plug and/or open the hose bib on the backwash line to make sure it is fully drained. Water left in the lines can freeze and lead to a break.


If you don’t have a home generator and the power goes out, your equipment runs the risk of freezing. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your equipment!

Remove all drain plugs from your pool system equipment and turn the power off so it doesn’t automatically come back on when the power returns. Covering your pool equipment with tarps and blankets will also help prevent freezing.

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