August 3, 2022 by HQ Pools

A traditional vinyl liner lasts anywhere from 10-15 years, assuming you properly take care of your pool water. When a pool liner rips, it needs to be immediately addressed to avoid problems that can cause thousands of dollars in damage, like the pool walls getting corroded, soil erosion in the ground beneath the pool, poor pool water quality due to constantly having to top it off with a garden hose, and damage to your pool equipment. Look for the 4 telltale signs of liner corrosion in your pool.


Exposure to the sun’s UV rays and your pool chemicals will inevitably cause your pool liner to crack or tear over time. While cracks are not necessarily leaks, it is a sign that your liner is starting to become brittle. Keep an eye on your pool’s water level for a week or two if ycu notice cracking–if it lowers, you need to replace your pool liner as soon as possible.


A pool’s liner provides not only the protection that your pool needs, but many provide an aesthetic purpose, as well. Along with cracking comes fading as a result of exposure to UV rays, and many pool owners decide to replace their liner not only to ensure it’s new and functional, but to modernize the design and brighten up the colors.


Vinyl liners lose their plasticity and elasticity over time. This might manifest itself in the form of beading or slipping out of its track, or particularly loose fittings around the return jets and skimmer.


Of course, the easiest sign to see is a leak in your pool liner. If it’s a minor leak, it might be able to be repaired depending on where it’s located, which could extend the useful life of your pool liner by a few seasons

However, don’t try to push it–when it’s time, it’s time. Contact the pool professionals
to have us replace your liner for you!

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